7 Productivity Hacks That Will Increase Your Focus at Work
7 Productivity Hacks That Will Increase Your Focus at Work

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Author : Danielle Kunkle>

Productivity is a pretty big buzzword right now and it can be a little difficult to define because it looks different for everyone. For me, I would define productivity as a state of being and most importantly, as a feeling.

It’s the feeling of being completely engaged and focused on the work that is right in front of me. It’s the feeling of unhurried contentment I have at the end of the day, knowing that the most important to-do list items are taken care of.

It stands in stark contrast to the gnawing guilt and anxiety that comes from spending my entire day running around like a mad woman; only to look back and wonder, “What exactly did I do all day?”

It’s so easy to be pulled in too many directions when managing an insurance agency that has sales agents, services agents, underwriters, administrative support and thousands of policyholders. Not to mention my business partner who walks into my office at least 10 times a day to share his thoughts on something or brainstorm.

It takes real skill to be productive in an environment like this.

I’ve found that productivity is more of an art than a science and it takes a lot of trial and error to figure out what helps you function at your best. What helps one-person focus can be another person’s total demise.

Here are my top seven tips for increasing your workplace productivity. If your agency is anything like ours, you can use these to put a little sanity back into your workday.

Trying to do too much is the enemy of productivity. When I try to focus on everything, I usually end up doing nothing well. Which is why I have found that it is so important to eliminate all the excesses from my daily to-do list.

This can be hard to do at first because everything will feel urgent and like it needs to be taken care of immediately. I handle all the marketing for our agency and can get overwhelmed when I start thinking of the social media updates that need to go out, the weekly post I need to write for our blog, the guest post content I’ve committed to and the upcoming client webinar I’ve got to prepare for.

Add something such as a food selection that I need to make for the company holiday party and I can easily freak out.

My advice is to take some time on Sunday to think about the week ahead and outline your highest priorities for the week. Log into your work calendar and block out time so you can hit the ground running on Monday morning.

When you are writing your to-do list ask yourself, “Does this help me accomplish my most important priorities?” You will be surprised by how many of those “urgent” tasks are pretty unnecessary.

We all have off days every now and again and it’s easy to waste time feeling guilty about it. However, guilt is rarely helpful and sometimes failure can be enlightening.

Like I said, learning what helps you be productive is a process you’ll develop over time. Start paying attention to what you do throughout your day, and you’ll start to notice what fuels your creativity and what renders it DOA. Checking email happens to be one of mine, which leads me to my next tip.

What is it about email that’s just so addictive? For me, it’s like the black hole where productivity goes to die.