A customer review of their 2016 Honda CR-V - "Acura Feel with Ho
A customer review of their 2016 Honda CR-V -

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This vehicle simply does everything well. It is really more Acura-like than any Honda ever made. They share many of the same components with the exception of the engine and transmission as the Acura RDX offers a more powerful 6 cyl. and a 6 speed gearbox. However, the combination of the 185hp 4 cyl. and CVT in the CRV is more than adequate. It is all you will ever need in a small SUV like this with better mileage to boot. Youre not buying a car like this to drag race it. The Honda Sensing Package is awesome and is leading Honda into the future of automotive safety. These features will help mitigate the growing danger of distractions such as texting while driving in the not too distant future. This vehicle has grown from its original small cramped version into a full blown roomy crossover with ample room in the cargo areas and rear seats. There have been just a couple times where some minor vibration has been felt at idle, but it was not excessive and has been very intermittent. There is not much not to like here except to say it is so smooth and easy that it is kind of vanilla in a sense. But then my other car is a rough riding sports car with a stiff suspension and performance engine with a 6 speed manual. Not a fair comparison. For what the CRV Touring is built for and intended to do it would be hard to find a crossover that does it better. The more time I spend with it the more I appreciate all it has to offer.