Uber Rolls Out Feature That Limits Drivers to Breezy, Pleasant 1
Uber Rolls Out Feature That Limits Drivers to Breezy, Pleasant 1

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Uber has implemented a mandate that its drivers must take at least six hours of time off every time they work at least 12 consecutive hours, the Washington Post reported on Monday, as part of an initiative to crack down on drowsy driving that might result in potentially deadly crashes.

The Post reported that within two weeks, drivers will be warned of the built-in limit after they exceed 10 hours behind the wheel in a single session, then again after 11 hours and a third time when there’s just 30 minutes left. The app will then be unavailable for new fares until the “mandatory rest period” of six hours is over, per the Post.

According to the paper, Uber Director of Product Management Sachin Kansal described how the limit will work under a number of scenarios—i.e., it won’t penalize drivers for long waits for passengers, but will try to prevent them from gaming the system by taking breaks shorter than six hours:

Kansal said the app will measure driving time using GPS and telematics to detect whether the vehicle is moving. Short waits, such as those at stoplights, will count against workers’ driving time. But longer waits such as those in airport queues, and other idling exceeding five minutes, will not count.

Because the clock is cumulative, a driver can be prompted to take a break even if they haven’t driven driven for 12 hours consecutively. For example, someone who has picked up fares in two, six-hour spurts — without taking six hours of rest in between — would have their app disabled after the second leg.