Here's How Jay Leno's Car Detailer Recommends You Clean Your Rid
Here's How Jay Leno's Car Detailer Recommends You Clean Your Rid

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Author : Andrew P. Collins>

Jay Leno’s Garage is a YouTube channel, a TV show, and now a brand of car cleaning products. Turns out the latter are actually pretty good. And one of the folks who helped create them showed me some tricks that even made my 200,000-mile Nissan 300ZX look decent.

(Full Disclosure: The PR firm helping Jay Leno’s Garage Advanced Vehicle Care sell this car-cleaning stuff invited me to the Jay Leno’s actual garage to look at the comedian’s incredible collection. I said yes. They also invited me to watch an expert clean parts of my own car, and gave me some samples to test of the stuff to try on my other cars.)

When I first heard Leno’s logo was being put on cleaning spray bottles, I just assumed some suits somewhere were trying to capitalize on the late night king’s name. Obviously, his name’s attached for a reason, but I’m happy to report that the stuff is actually used and specifically formulated by and for Leno’s personal detailers.

The reason that means something is, as you may already know, Leno’s collection is way more extra than the typical Rich Hollywood Person’s private parking area.

The comedian car guy’s facility is thousands of square feet of warehouse space where the walls are covered floor-to-ceiling in beautiful automotive art, and most of the floor space is devoted to cars that are not just valuable, but actually interesting. On a casual walkaround, I saw everything from a McLaren F1 to a Mazda RX-8 Shinka to a mid-engined Ford Festiva to a whole room full of motorcycles I’d never heard of—not to mention steam-powered cars and the cleanest GMC Syclone on Earth. He basically has everything.

While I was touring the joint, expert car cleaner and marketing guy Chris Walters was spritzing and scrubbing one of his products onto the brass light housings and fuel cap of a Fiat from the early 1900s.

Walters, one of the main men behind the Jay Leno’s Garage Advanced Vehicle Care products, as they’re called, explained that he was part of a chemical company which supplied some of the cleaning products used by Leno’s staff (apparently “nine or ten” people work at the garage) on the precious collection.

When Leno’s personal detailer left, Walters and company established a direct relationship with Leno himself and basically began supplying Jay Leno’s Garage with its own specific kind of car care chemicals.

Now that “Jay Leno’s Garage” is sort of a known brand, a deal was inked to sell this stuff to the public. Right now you can only get it on, by the way. Leno himself officially owns the company, and yes, the stuff is used on his massive and valuable car collection.

Neat. But is it any good? I trusted them with my own priceless ride to find out.

Okay, my 1984 Nissan 300ZX isn’t exactly priceless, but it is fragile and covered in grossness that’s older than I am. Walters demoed the Leno-branded All-Purpose Cleaner ($9.99 for a 16-ounce squirt bottle) on a few distinctly different parts of the car so we could see for ourselves how well the stuff works.

Here’s how it fared against a few detailing challenges:

“First thing you’ve got to do is identify what’s made the stain,” Walters said to address my concerned about the blackened fabric on my passenger seat. “And that there is grease.”

He busted out his bottle of neon green All-Purpose Cleaner and hosed the speckles of blackness with about three squirts of the stuff, wasted no time to scrub it with what looked like a toothbrush with extra hard bristles (try to go with the grain of the fabric pattern), did a few dabs with a microfiber rag, then interestingly did a key-turning motion with a clean part of the same rag. Now that I’d never seen before.