Best romantic comedies on Netflix for Valentine’s Day
Best romantic comedies on Netflix for Valentine’s Day

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Author : Rebecca Fleenor>

Whether you're madly in love or suffering from mild crippling loneliness (this is where I raise my hand), CNET has you covered. Here's all the lovey, dovey-iest Netflix has to offer for Valentine's Day.

Look, Colin Firth is never going to show up and tell you, "I like you very much. Just as you are," but a girl can dream, right? This is probably the only film on Netflix that will give me happy butterflies in my stomach as the credits roll. You're rooting for love in this film, and that's sort of the whole point right? That and Hugh Grant's perfect floppy hair. Man, I love that hair.

I have almost no memory of watching this special last year, (Yeah, yeah, I was single last Valentine's Day too.) But I do remember that my roommate and I thoroughly enjoyed this variety special. Something about being serenaded by a slew of talented celebrities like Adam Samberg, Maya Rudolph and Kenny G makes you feel a little less alone in this world. And it was definitely a funnier watch than "Bill Murray's A Very Murray Christmas."

Metacritic score: 65

Here's a great option for all the 'married with children' folks out there. In this indie Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling play a couple who recently moved to a new city and are invited over dinner by a cool fun couple (played by Jason Schwartzman and Judith Godrèche). So of course things get strange, and a bit sexy, once the kids are sent off to bed. The film made me seriously wonder what Gen Xers are getting up to behind closed doors, but in a good way.

Metacritic score: 45

This is the first and last watchable rom-com Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey made together. (You could try watching "Fool's Gold" this Valentine's Day, but then again you could also get dental work done too.) The premise of two people dating for different competing work assignments is utterly bonkers, but Kate Hudson's charming (good genes) and McConaughey is "alright." Plus "How to Lose a Guy" is the majestic Kathryn Hanh's first big film, and she's always worth 116 minutes of your time.